An Awesome Survey

Let’s have a little fun in 2014!

Want to be more involved this year? Want to spread positivity across the city? Want to be a community change-maker?

Great! Before we go any further, we’d first like to say thank you for supporting the Awesome Collective over the past two years. Without your help and the support of the Center for Great Neighborhoods and other community partners, the Awesome Collective would not be where it is today. So again, thank you.

With 2013 in the books, we have set our sights on the New Year and are excited to bring you even more awesomeness in 2014. Over the last several months, many of you have asked us how you can get more involved with the Awesome Collective. To help us gauge your level of interest and identify future volunteers, we have put together a very short survey - just a handful of questions – at the link below.

Your feedback is much appreciated and will go a long way in helping our organization grow in 2014 and beyond. Thanks and stay awesome!

Index of Awesome 2013

It has been almost a year since the 2012 release of the Index of Awesome, a printed zine celebrating the uniqueness, authenticity, and genuine awesomeness of Covington. You’ve patiently awaited the next chapter as we’ve spent 2013 building on the momentum of last year by cultivating an unwavering positive energy that is sure to endure. This film was created with and for everyone who believes Covington is awesome.

Thank you Covington for being inspired to be the change and in appreciation for your love for this city, we would like to present to you the official trailer for the 2013 film edition of the Index of Awesome.

Enjoy!…. and share.



        Recently the Awesome Collective spent three days with hundreds of other community change-makers in Sacramento, CA at the NeighborWorks Community Leadership Institute. We would like to give a HUGE thank you to LISC and NeighborWorks America for providing all participants the opportunity to travel from all over the country to share stories of success, learn from one another, and grow as organizations. We met awesome people who were doing awesome things all across the country and we are inspired and excited to continue promoting, facilitating, and encouraging awesomeness in Covington. Also, THANK YOU to the Center for Great Neighborhoods for encouraging and supporting the Awesome Collective during our application process.

20131022-122624.jpg 20131022-122927.jpg


“Be Awesome” Mini-Conference

On Thursday, October 3rd, the Awesome Collective of Covington will host
in downtown Covington at 9 a.m.
        The free event will include presentations by three Awesome keynote speakers as well as several engaging breakout sessions throughout the day at various venues throughout the city including The Madison Theater, Covington Arts Center (previously the AEC), and Gateway Community & Technical College.
         Centered around three actions – Inspire, Share, and Strengthen – the mini-conference will provide a focused opportunity to network with like-minded individuals, entrepreneurs, and community leaders.
         Below is the schedule for the day, please take the time to register, its free and takes less time than reading this post! Besides, How else are we suppose to thank you!!!!

 Click here to check out the schedule and descriptions of all the happenings throughout the day!

Schedule for Be Awesome Conference_PDF

Click on the picture below to Register for Free!!

You did it!

You are Awesome Covington! Thank you so much for making our Kickstarter a successful one. The AC is just getting started and it is because of you that 2013 will be one to remember!

As we look forward to the future and move into some Awesome projects such as the 2013 Index of Awesome, as well as the “Be Awesome” Mini- Conference Coming up October 3rd … it is you we want to hear from. Let us know just what you think is Awesome about Covington. Make  your choice count, help us pick 10 local entities and all around Awesome people, places, business or whatever you believe makes our City unique.

Visit the link below to pick your top 10 to be featured in the film version of the Index of Awesome! It will take you less time to select your favorites then it took you to read this ;)


Be Awesome

Here it is, your first look at the exciting details of what the Awesome Collective has in store for the rest of 2013. Even better, a chance for you to take part, learn more, and have fun!

Please join the Awesome Collective of Covington as we move forward in 2013 with our vision and aim to make the rest of this year one our community will not soon forget!

Follow the link :
Be Thankful, Be Positive, and Be Awesome



Glenn O. Swing is Awesome!

The students at Glenn O. are Awesome! Look at the mural they helped create by each drawing what they believe makes Covington Awesome. We had such a great time in the sunshine with some amazing people. A huge big thanks to all of our fantastic, hardworking volunteers, as well as the  super supportive faculty of Glenn O. and the biggest thanks to all of the most Awesome students who we had so much fun with!

(click on the picture to see more pictures!)